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St. Charles DWI Lawyer

The Ryan Law Firm, Published 1 week ago
St. Charles DWI Lawyer Todd Ryan aggressively defends his clients in St. Charles County Circuit Court and the surrounding municipalities. The Ryan Law Firm, with Todd Ryan, has been voted best law firm in St. Charles County by multiple publications for multiple years.
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Understanding HGN

The Ryan Law Firm, Published 7 hours, 30 minutes ago
The Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) play an important in most St. Charles DWI investigations. There are three SFSTs: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), the Walk-and-Turn, and the One-Leg stand. NHTSA reports the HGN test as being the most accurate predictor of intoxication.
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Abuse & Lose

The Ryan Law Firm, Published 1 month ago
In St. Charles, underage drivers found guilty of certain alcohol- or drug-related offenses are subject to the Abuse and Lose suspension. §302.400 RSMo. The Abuse and Lose statute provides for suspension periods ranging from 30 days to one year. A number of offenses give rise to the Abuse and Lose suspension, which is applied cumulatively to any other suspension the driver might receive (i.e. an Administrative Alcohol Suspension or a Chemical Refusal Revocation).
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Implied Consent & Chemical Refusals

The Ryan Law Firm, Published 1 month, 1 week ago
Missouri's Implied Consent law provides that, under certain circumstances, a driver operating a motor vehicle on public highways in Missouri impliedly consents to a chemical test of his or her blood, breath, or urine. This week we examine Missouri's Implied Consent law and how refusing a chemical test presents unique challenges to drivers in St. Charles.
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Administrative Alcohol Suspension

The Ryan Law Firm, Published 1 month, 3 weeks ago
The administrative alcohol suspension is an important aspect of DWI cases in St. Charles. The administrative alcohol suspension applies in cases involving BAC results obtained from a test of a driver's blood, breath, or urine. Understanding the administrative alcohol suspension as a civil action separate and apart from the criminal charge of DWI is an important step to dealing with the technical requirements inherent in this suspension.
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